Highview invests from a $500 million evergreen investment vehicle in middle-market businesses across a range of industries and stages in their lifecycles, including:

  • Fundamentally healthy businesses – seeking recapitalization or a take-private, or an opportunity for management to achieve some liquidity for their ownership stake.
  • Companies requiring operating improvements – implementing a turnaround or reset plan, adapting to industry shifts or one-time events, and other situational challenges and special situations.
  • Companies in transition or distressed situations – addressing balance sheet or liquidity challenges, requiring financial restructuring or bridge capital, or other crisis management.


We invest with a contrarian viewpoint informed by our years of investing and operating experience working with companies going through transitions. We see value where others may not.

We invest with creativity and flexibility across the capital structure, tailoring our transactions and operational support to meet the unique needs and strategies of each company.

Finally, our single capital source allows for the stability to make long-term investments and become deep partners with our portfolio companies, with no specified exit timeframes or obligations regarding investment horizons.